United States Coast Guard Auxilliary America's Volunteer Lifesavers US Coast Guard Auxilliary, 1st Southern District, Division 1
 Flotilla Founder Commodore Dante Laurino

 COMO Dante and Diane
 Past Flotilla Commanders
 COMO Dante Laurino and Diane Ortiz

Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 1-2
Serving the Amityville Community since 2000 - Our 17th Year!


Flotilla Officers

   Flotilla Commander Flotilla Commander
Diane Ortiz
   Vice Flotilla Commander Vice Commander
George Tranos
   Immediate Past Flotilla Commander Immediate Past Flotilla Commander
George Tranos

Past Commanders
George Tranos 2015-2016
Rick Aimetti 2013-2014
Tom Dodge 2011-2012
John Gustaffsen 2009-2010
W. John Dibbins 2007-2008
Alex Malewski 2006
Diane Ortiz 2004-2005
Arnold Bein 2003
COMO Dante Laurino 2000-2002

COMO Dante Laurino

  Communication Services
  Human Resources
  Information Systems
  Marine Safety
  Member Training
  Navigation Services
  Public Affairs
  Public Education
  Program Visitor
  Secretary of Records
  Vessel Examinations
Staff Officers
George Tranos
George Tranos
John Dibbins
Leo Cuomo
Diane ortiz
John Sabella
Marty Hoffman
George Tranos
Lisa Buchter
Nadine Britt
Jamie Stanulis
Diane Ortiz
Eric Sauer
Michael Doncer
John Gustaffsen


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